Chiropractic Testimonials

"I’m a skeptic and hypercritical when it comes to promises of neck/back/hip pain relief. I will not give false flattery or say I feel better when I don’t. That said, you can believe my review of AAYC/Dr. Cebula is a genuine reflection of my experiences there. He is FABULOUS. Intuitive, Thorough, Determined, Very knowledgeable, and personally tracks the progress/needs of his clients. He takes x-rays and actually studies them! He has also personally called to check how I was doing after adjustments or if I hadn’t been there in a while. Give Dr. Cebula a chance to show you what is different about his method of chiropractic care. He has a superb massage therapist there as well!"

- Jodie H.

"Dr. Josh is amazing. He can fix anything. The first time getting adjusted I woke up the next day without pain in my neck. He is a gentle and informative. Truly cares about his patients."

- Kym B.

"I started seeing Dr. Cebula before he opened up shop due to chronic headaches and migraines. After my first adjustment I could tell an immediate difference and I felt like a new person. What I like the most about Dr. Cebula is his attention to detail coupled with his natural ability for making people feel comfortable during the entire visit. He has been going above and beyond to ensure I am not only straight and aligned but also healthy. The name says it all “All About You” and I can tell he means every word of it!"

- John I.

"Dr. Cebula does a great job! He quickly identified the problems I was having and started treatment. I have been going to Dr. Cebula’s office for just over a month and I’m already in much less pain and I feel great afterwards. Dr. Cebula has a natural ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable when in his office!"

- Marcus A.

"I starting going here in December for several issues with my neck, back and especially knee pain. I did have surgery on my knees about 4 yrs ago and had constant pain which made it difficult to walk. After only a few visits with Dr. Cebula, I was walking with very little pain in my knees, which was the first time in years. It has been just over a month now since I starting my appointments and I am feeling 95% better than when I started. I still have some problem with my neck, but feeling a lot better and less stressed than where I was a month ago. Staff is always courteous and friendly. If you are in need of a chiropractor, I would highly recommend them."

- Beth C.

"When I first came into the office I was in so much pain. I was desperate for help. I called AAYC because they were conveniently located. They were able to schedule me for my first visit within an hour of calling! The pain was affecting my daily life and I could not function physically or mentally. I could walk but with very small steps. I found myself making mental mistakes at work, as the pain clouded my mind. Also I was easily irritated with my children and was treating them unfair. I first tried at home massage. After my first visit Dr. Cebula was able to pinpoint my problem and fixed it within 5 visits. Since my pain has been removed I have been able to enjoy everyday life without the misery of back pain. My life is now back to normal!!"

- Josh L.

"I met Dr. Cebula at the Ottawa County Fair in July 2013. Before then my back was always in pain. My girlfriend at the time told me to get it checked out so I stopped at the office to get it checked out. I was unable to fully participate in one of my favorite hobbies due to the back pain that I was experiencing! Sometimes it would be so bad I felt that I could not do anything throughout the day. Also my immune system was down due to the lack of medical attention that I received in Brazil. In the next few months after receiving treatment, I felt my immune system was operating at a higher level and I experienced less pain and discomfort throughout the day. The pain that I was experiencing also caused me to experience some mild depression. As I continued to go too my appointments Dr. Cebula always made me feel better and I knew that he cared about my health, and I felt that I made a new friend. So thank you Dr. Cebula for everything it is safe to say that you saved my life and turned it back towards a healthy direction."

- Jeremy B.

"Just had my first visit here. Have been to a few chiropractors before, and definitely feel the best after this one. Not just my back, but in terms of how I was treated. He definitely looked at the whole picture and I felt like he cared. Very happy with the quality of patient care, and also the quality of work he did. My back feels excellent after something other chiropractors have not been able to help me with."

- Jill B.

"I spent most of the week before my first visit lying on the floor, unable to stand properly, let alone work. Between the low-cost adjustments and the educational information he gave me, I am back to my favorite hobby of climbing trees.
The staff is friendly, and Dr. Cebula puts your well being before his profit. Treatment plans adapt after every appointment to match your progress, and adjustments are quite affordable. I paid $20 for my initial exam and $38 for my adjustments. If you need a chiropractor, go here. You will not regret it."

- Chayton D.

"FINALLY a hands-on approach! I’ve been looking for a chiropractic care for few months now, and I’ve finally found the right place. Its traditional hands-on approach, that actually works is exactly what my body needed. Low cost and insurance-free option is a huge plus as well. If you need chiropractic care, this is THE PLACE to go to."

- Katherine S.

"Dr. Cebula has done wonders for our family. We have gone to several chiropractors over the years for back pain & headaches and have gotten some relief but not like we have experienced with Dr. Josh. Even our 5-year-old grandson sees him and has been so much healthier for it. He is very caring and is happy to answer questions about anything health related. He is also the only Dr. in the office so gets to know you personally. Not all chiropractors are the same – I recommend you give him a call."

- Pam D.

"Best I’ve felt in a while!! I’ve always had a problem with neck and back pain, coming and going, and last time it came up I decided to check out a Chiropractor. The staff here is very friendly and the doctor is excellent, very happy I decided to go."

- Ben H.

"Always a warm welcome when I go in. Very professional setting and I love that I always get in and out quickly but at the same time I don’t feel rushed. The Doc and his assistants are awesome. Before coming here I’d get headaches daily and now I’m headache free. I highly recommend AAYC! Very affordable too!"

- Eunice C.

"No cookie cutter here! I went into see Dr. Cebula because I had lower back muscle tightness and sharp pain. Dr. Cebula went over his analysis of my X-rays, with good detail. Before and after my adjustment he checked my range of motion, something no other Chiropractor I’ve been to has ever done. So much pain and stress was relieved after that first visit that I slept for 10 hours that night! I would highly recommend Dr. Cebula; he is very knowledgeable about the human body."

- Matthew G.

"Dr. Cebula has helped me with job related back pains, my pregnancy, fitness training injuries, and with my little new born’s spinal care. Great doctor who is knowledgeable and caring towards his patients. I am glad to have found All About You Chiropractic! I highly recommend Dr. Cebula."

- Olivia K.

"Dr. Cebula is amazing! He has worked so hard to fix the ailments that I’ve had. I had had an earache for years and had seen many doctors for it; Dr. Cebula was the only one who worked until it was better. I’ve been going for almost 3 years and Dr. Cebula has kept me in the best shape of my life. If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no further!"

- Kelsey T

"I am a PGA Professional and am on my feet and cranking around my spine all day and always feel great after seeing Dr. Cebula. Also, a huge help for my allergies."

- Chase K.

"Absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you the last time I had a headache, Dr. Cebula and staffs are wonderful 🙂"

- Katie H.

"Started going here to get some relief for some really bad carpel tunnel that I started to feel. Within a week I was relieved of the pain and tingling in my hands.
Dr. Cebula is an awesome person and a great doctor. If your looking for a effective, friendly, customer oriented chiropractor this is the place to go!"

- Joshua T.

Dr. Cebula is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. After experiencing herniated discs and extreme sciatic pain to the point where I couldn’t sit or sleep, I’ve had no reoccurring episodes since my first visit. He cares for his patients and establishes a friendship with everyone, which makes him stand out from others. This is a great team and I’m convinced because of Dr. Cebula, BACK SURGERY would never be an option. My wife is a patient as well! Bring the whole family!

- Young K.

"I started looking for a chiropractor around the beginning of March because I over did it on my 30th birthday celebration. I discovered Dr. Joshua Cebula from a friend who had recommended his services to me. I called to secure a new patient appointment, he was able to get me in that following week. Our first meeting we discussed my current ailments along w/ a few others that had been ongoing. The exam was very thorough and precise. He took an xray and then we discussed them immediately. He explained what the xray showed and why I may feeling discomfort in certain areas, some which I didn’t mention but he was accurate. He did a hands on exam that also demonstrated his knowledge as he pinpointed exactly where the pain was occurring.
The next appointment was to perform the adjustments that were needed. He explained each adjustment prior to carrying them out and only did so when I was ready. He adjusted my back and hips and I instantly felt relief. He adjusted my neck (which I suffer the effects of a car accident from when I was a teen) it has never felt better!
Finally, he addressed the elephant in the room, which was my ankle. I had sprained this ankle 2 years ago and it never fully healed. I sought medical treatment which stretched out from 7-8 months, exhausted every possible option, and I was left with “live with it” This injury has greatly impacted my life and continues to do so. He addressed this adjustment w/ such grace and professionalism, he really made me feel comfortable. My ankle was stiff as a board before and now the range of motion has significantly improved. I used to have pain every single day but that has decreased as well. Each appointment we strive to restore this ankle to its pre-injured state and so far it feels great! Your only regret is that you didn’t go see him sooner; he’s truly a miracle man."

- Beth

"I’ve been very impressed with Dr Josh. I started seeing him in July 2014 and he’s been a big help. He encourages questions, answers them in detail, and gives great advice. He’s about getting your issue(s) taken care – not about having you back over & over again. I highly recommend him."

- David W.


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